The Man Behind John Abraham and Shilpa Shetty’s Amazing Bodies

Vinod Channa, who trains stars like John Abraham and Shilpa Shetty, shares his expert knowledge on working out.
Vinod Channa

We at Men’s Health love a successful fitness story. A transformation that not only changes a person’s life, but their entire outlook towards health and fitness. Vinod Channa, who now trains people like Shilpa Shetty, John Abraham and Riteish Deshmukh, has had quite a transformation himself. Channa, who is now synonymous with fitness, was once a lanky little Mumbai boy. “Skinny, Sukda… is how I was teased often during my childhood and it made me wonder if I could only get over it someday. My body structure was so weak and undernourished due to lack of proper food and healthy environment that I used to fall sick every now and then”. But he overcame personal challenges and his own anatomical built up and made up his mind to change the status of his health and fitness, and went on to being what one would call an “achiever”. After all, working with celebs and coming up with fitness training programmes for them isn’t an easy feat.

From Lean To Mean

His journey towards being a big star trainer hasn’t been an easy one. From his lanky days, he went on to representing Maharashtra at various bodybuilding championships, which was his stepping stone into the world of training. His intense analysis of fitness workout routines resulted in him being honoured with various excellence awards in the field of bodybuilding and fitness. He is a certified trainer in Kettle Bell, Animal Flow, HIIT, Weight Training and Pilates among many others, and a favourite among many of Bollywood’s dazzling stars. So far, he’s received multiple accolades as the most sought-after celebrity trainer who understands different kinds of fitness training programmes as well and health and nutrition.

 The World Of Celebrity Training

The biggest challenge while training celebrities, as per Channa, “is that most celebrities come with a short deadline to achieve extreme targets. When they train regularly, it is easy for me to make them achieve the required result. But first timers and those who train after a long gap are most challenging. I have to mix and match various techniques in their fitness workout schedule, keep a track of their diet and then make them reach their target. Sometimes they they have to be to pushed to work out after a long shoot and I have to motivate them. Besides, constant competition motivates them to work harder and stay persistent.”

 Transformations Galore

He’s the man responsible for Shilpa Shetty’s post-pregnancy weight loss. He prides himself on the 34 kg weight loss in a span of just 3 months, without involving any unhealthy approach. Another big transformation he boasts of is John Abraham’s muscular physique in Force1. Working on his lean body to achieve the huge silhouette has been a fulfilling journey for Vinod as a trainer. Riteish, though has a naturally thin body structure, presents the challenge of making his face look less puffy, without losing weight on other parts of his body. Vinod, has managed to achieve that.

 Fitness As A Religion

One conversation with him is all it takes to know that he understands the science behind a fitness workout. He is so passionate about fitness that he keeps on undertaking various challenges himself before he applies any new routine with his clients. His workouts, too, are custom-made to suit various body types.

 Expertise At Its Best

He breaks it down for MH, “There are Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph body types. Endomorphs put on weight easily, and for such body types, 3 to 4 days weight training on bigger muscle groups and all 6 days cardio gets progressive results. Ectomorphs are genetically thin.  Whatever they eat, their body utilises for day-to-day work. They should include high-carb food with protein and other essential nutrients and only 3 days weight training with progressive workload. Such body types should have energy drinks during workouts to see progress. Mesomorphs are born athletes - their body reacts very well to any kind of exercise.  With good eating habits and nutrition, they can see magical results in a short span. For such bodies, 3 days of weight training and 2 days of cardio is good enough.”

 That’s the expert in him, making it sound oh-so-simple. For those who put on weight due to wrong eating habits and lack of movement, Vinod suggests that following right eating habits and including basic movement can show results in the first phase of weight loss. He adds, “Serious weight loss can only be achieved if they workout and set a diet pattern as per their morph.”

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