Master The Subtle Art Of Blow Drying In 5 Easy Steps

Get rid of that Trump-esque hairstyle
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Donald Trump’s hair is the epitome of bad styling. The 45th POTUS always looks like he forgot drying his hair before stepping out of the White House, and oh boy! On a windy day, it's a special sight to behold. If you too occasionally suffer from the Trump-hair syndrome, it is about time you take control of your hair style using a blow dryer. Apart from the ease of styling your hair, Blow drying has other advantages too. It helps in increasing the volume of your hair if its thinning hair and it becomes a requisite if you’re the kind who doesn’t prefer drying your hair with a towel.

But, here’s an eternal mystery… How to effectively use a hair dryer?

Being able to maximise your hair’s potential by efficaciously using a hair dryer is a subtle art. It takes a little patience, skill, and practice to perfect this craft. Here are 5 simple steps that can help you master this intricate art.

1. Shop Right

Shopping for the right product is indispensable to learning the art of blow drying. This includes choosing the right blow dryer as well as the hair cream or paste. Since the main side effect of blow drying your hair is heat damage, pick a product that is engineered to shield your hair from the heat. Your preferred choice must be a hair dryer that can double up as a styler. Similarly, choose a hair cream that is heat resistant.

2. Shampoo and Towel Dry

Get rid of all the dirt and product in your hair from the previous day with a good rinse and shampoo wash. Ensure that yesterday’s product doesn’t interfere with today’s style. Then, scrub the head gently with a towel until you get to a place where you can leave it to dry naturally.

3. Maintain Distance

Blowing your dryer only a few inches away from the hair at one spot for long can seriously damage your hair. Instead, distribute the air equally on all sides from a distance. The healthy distance of the barrel from the hair is prescribed at 6 inches.

4. Style While You Dry

The main objective of using a dryer is to style your hair as you dry it. So, target the flow of the air to settle your hair in a particular style. Stop blowing periodically, and comb it with a brush or tug at it with your fingers. Don’t make the mistake of blowing the dryer haphazardly as you won’t be able to finesse the style once your hair is dry.

5. Cold Wind Blows

The final step to styling your hair with a blow dryer is to learn to use the cold blow of the dryer. When you’re drying your hair, target the roots of the hair. After your hair is completely dry, switch the settings of the dryer to a cold blow and aim it at the outer coating of your hair. Maneuver the flow of the blow in the direction that you want to wear your hair.

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