Do You Also Use Your Girlfriend’s Grooming Products?

MH digs deeper and asks the experts in the field to validate a study that suggests that men are more inclined to use women’s grooming products
men use women's grooming products

No matter how loudly Shah Rukh Khan screams on your televisions that men mustn’t use grooming products meant for women, Indian men just refuse to listen. Enough said.

A recent research conducted by Kantar Worldpanel brought to light a subject (rather, message) that the likes of SRK, MS Dhoni and Sushant Singh Rajput have been trying to convey since almost a decade now. With globalisation and awareness about looking good both for professional and personal growth, men are proactively opting for grooming products… just not those meant for them.

Gopal Asthana, Chief of Buying and Merchandising at Shoppers Stop Limited shared his inputs with MH, “Currently most of the brands largely speak to, or engage with female customers. This results in low awareness of men’s grooming products. We believe there is a huge room for introducing several beauty and skincare products within the male grooming category. With conscious efforts on educating customers, customised new product launches and emphasising on the differentiated product benefits, we can see the category grow tremendously.”

Is It Okay To Use Women’s Grooming Products?




It is certainly okay for men to share products, even though they do so with complete disregard for basic anatomical differences. What Indian men need to acknowledge, is that they need a different routine as compared to women. But the general approach to the matter is - When the lady has stocked up a bottle of shampoo, face wash and cream and they’re are handy, why buy more?

Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, Founder and Medical Director of Yavana Aesthetics Clinic in Mumbai added, “Knowledge is still limited and vague that men’s skin is structurally different from that of women and requires a separate range of products to cater to it. Men’s skin is thicker, seborrheic (oily) and tougher as compared to women.”

Why Men Should Get Their Own Products?

A decade or so ago, a quick glance into a couple’s bathroom would reveal a distinct domination of products meant of the fairer sex. The metrosexual man doesn’t shy away from using beauty products. Increased advertising and awareness has resulted in a large assortment of cosmetic products meant for both genders in the dressing room as well as the bathroom, but comparatively, male grooming products still lag behind.

She adds, “Environmental exposure, stress levels and hormones impacting men’s skin are different from women’s skin. Hence, men require a product range is able to penetrate and specifically work for them. The newer range of men products available are unique as they package multiple active ingredients in one product thereby tailoring to men’s ‘no fuss and lesser products’ usage sensibility.”

Get Moving, Men!




Samir Lakhani, Salon Director, Juice Salon (Juhu) has no inhibitions in calling a spade a spade! Being forthright, he told MH that when it comes to picking shampoos and conditioners, men are plain lazy. He adds, “In my experience, men do not shy away from spending on styling products like hair gel, hair wax, styling clay, etc.. Besides, most salons do not even stock a proper range for men that they can have easy access to. I do not know of men going out specifically to purchase a bottle of shampoo. Maybe they would, if the products meant for them are more easily available.”

In fact, male grooming is one of the fastest-growing segments within the personal care segment, thanks to the rise of a new male archetype, which has also triggered several start-up companies crafting products just for men, some even to maintain their rugged looks. From beard wax to gels, these products are flying off shelves. With rising demand in one the few categories where men just can’t help but use products meant for Indian pogonophiles — the fancy term for beard lovers - and is linked to the increasing popularity of the beard in the West and is amplified by social media through Instagram and Twitter posts. Also, India has always had steady demand for such products, given the religious association of the beard with Sikhs, Muslims and even a section of the Hindus.

Now that we’ve highlighted the solution, time to be more aware and stock up!

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