MH Got Laksh Lalwani Aka Porus To Reveal The Secret Behind His Abs

Here’s how the mytho God remains in shape.
laksh lalwani fitness and diet

His sculpted look and well-chiselled body have left actor Laksh Lalwani’s fans impressed. The actor, who plays the title role in mythological show ‘Porus’, is clearly one of the fittest actors on Indian television today. The actor shares his fitness secrets as well as doles out fitness tips for men. Read on for the details… 

MH Team: You have to sport a sculpted look in your show Porus. Was it tough to get in shape for the show initially?

Laksh Lalwani: Not really, it wasn’t so difficult as I’ve been training myself for the last 3-4 years. Over the course of time, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t work for my body.   

What is the diet and workout regime you follow specifically for this show?

As far as diet is concerned, I had to increase my overall calorie intake gradually. I had started this at 2,700. Then after continuing it for a few weeks, I increased it by 300 for some duration. By the end of my gaining period, I was close to 3800-4000 calories a day. I was keeping my proteins and fats level higher than carbs. Workouts were pretty orthodox and old school. I was gymming twice a day. I keep it pretty simple. My workouts are a blend of both compound and isolation exercises.

What are the tips that men must remember when they are eating out? 

Eating out can be quite tricky. I would recommend every fitness enthusiasts to avoid eating fried and canned food.

There are also reports that you often workout on the set as well. What is the equipment that you use there?

Yes, I do that at times. I carry my resistance bands on set. I have a habit of pumping up my muscles before I go on the set as it gives me a rush. 

According to you, what are the 3 exercises that men can do for a quick 20-minute workout if they are hard pressed for time?

I believe one can easily do these 3 exercises - Hindu pushups, jumping squats and burpees. If done as a superset, it will leave you sweaty and pumped by the end of it.

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