The MH Guide To Being The Best Man At Your Friend's Wedding

Take note fellas.
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Weddings, as much fun as they are for visitors, they’re as stressful for the two families in charge of this grand affair. The countless ceremonies and hundreds of guests at this grandiose event is accompanied by an unprecedented precariousness. Such a nerve-wrecking occasion calls for a cool and calm head that can supervise every event of this splendid fete run and make sure it runs smoothly. Known as the best man, this person is incharge of all the intricate matters of the wedding. From mediating between the two families, to mollifying distance relatives and supervising the caterers and designers, the best man is a bending force that keeps the wedding a wild yet harmonious affair for everyone. But, being a best man for the first time can be an overwhelming experience and often wrapped with stomach-churning anxiety. It is a prestigious honour that must be worn with pride and played out prudently. If you’ve also been ushered into the role of being the best man recently and you’re clueless to your roles and responsibilities, here’s the complete guide to being the best man at your friend’s wedding.

1. Look Sharp

The first step to finesse a wedding is to get in the garb of someone who looks like he knows his deal. After all, this is not any gratuitous dinner party, it’s your best friend’s wedding. So look sharp as you will have meet and greet and the who’s whos of the event. Dress comfortably as you might have to do a lot of running and time is scarce.

2. Be Familiar With Everything And Everyone

For most part of the wedding, you’ll have to do a lot of mediating between people. This may be the two families, important relatives, decorators, caterers or even the priest. So be prepared to play an expert diplomat who nails heading liaises between two parties. Be familiar with all the important family members from either side and have phone numbers of important people. Visit the wedding venue and make sure everything is prepared beforehand. Be aware of the schedule of the day.

3. Be Creative

During  the whole affair, there will be many times when you’ll have to showcase your creativity and resourcefulness to bail out the event from difficult situations. So, make sure you’re at your best imaginative self to glide through any unforeseen predicament.

4. Stay Sober

This is probably the best day of your friend’s life and you might not want to spoil it by indulging in an alcohol-induced escapade. So, stay sober and focused and make sure everyone else is too. Remember, alcohol and excitement doesn’t usually mix well.

5. Don’t Let The Groom Sink His Spirit

During the precursor to his wedding, the groom may get cold feet. This is completely normal. But, make sure this anxiety doesn’t transform into a full blown panic attack and sink his spirits. So, come prepared with a pep-talk and assuage his fears of things ‘never being the same’.

6. Keep An Eye On The Shoes

The final judgement on the best man of the day is perceived by his battle of wits against the bridesmaids at the ‘shoe stealing’ ceremony. So, make sure you emerge victorious in this battle and either save the shoes from being stolen at all or strike a deal that doesn’t involve the groom going bankrupt.

7. Keep The Party Alive

Make sure you the reception is loud and thunderous. Try to involve all the important relatives and guests in the ceremonies and use their skills and demeanor to keep the party alive. Select a DJ that understands the occasion and adept in delivering a frenzy of wedding hits.

8. Prepare A Good Speech

The speech is your chance to prove why you were chosen the best man for the wedding. Prepare a short, funny and emphatic speech that is reminiscent of the loving bond between you and your friend. Make sure you do not spill out any juicy details or make it uncomfortable for anyone. Still, make it inclusive by mentioning the bride and her family along with the groom and his family. Prepare the speech well in advance, practice it and leave the indelible ink on the wedding with your charm and ease.

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