Music Affects Your Workout, Says A Study

Researchers say that listening to music might boost your mood and help you exercise a little longer

Music is food for the soul…and apparently it’s a great tool to boost your workout routine too. While on the other hand it is also known as distraction. Have you ever tried running on the treadmill with your earphones plugged in? If not then you should definitely give it a try. 

A study published in the Sports Medicine Open journal reveals that listening to music during a workout may help you keep pace with your exercise routine. 

The study involved 34 cardiac rehab patients who were divided into three groups. One-third of the patients exercised without any music, another one-third had audio devices with music, and the last one-third had audio devices with a playlist selected specifically to boost tempo-pace synchronization.


Researchers found that the patients who exercised with the music playlist showed maximum increase in their physical activity out of the three groups. They pushed themselves to work out for an average of 264.1 more minutes each week as compared to the others. 

"If this average increase of exercise was sustained for an average 65-year-old male patient, it would correlate with a projected life-expectancy increase of two and a half years," Dr David Alter, senior scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and lead author of the study, said in a written statement. 

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Here are some of the other good things that happen when you listen to music while exercising:

•    Increase in heart rate
•    Boost in metabolism 
•    Reduction in physical and mental stress 
•    Lowering of blood pressure
•    Distraction from pain

So guys, the next time you head for your workout, make sure you have your earphones plugged in!

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