No Hair, No Problem: Why Bald Men Are So Attractive

Don’t fret over lost locks: What counts is what’s on the inside!
Bald men

Does the loss of your luscious locks have you worrying about your luck with the ladies? Do not lose hope just yet, because science is finally on your side! A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania has come to the conclusion that men with shaved heads are rated as more dominant than similar men with full heads of hair.

The study authors found that bald men were perceived differently than men with a full (or even a half) head of hair. So why are bald men considered more attractive, more confident, and more sexy than their full-headed counterparts? This is not just a clever ploy by bald(ing) men everywhere, scientific proof that backs up the study’s findings actually exists!

The reason, it turns out, has to do with confidence. While baldness is invariably associated with old age, more and more young men are affected by it now. Studies have shown that 80% men tend to have some amount of hair loss before the age of 50. Men tend to become anxious about losing their hair, and try to cover it up as best they can.

However, the study suggests that the best thing to do is just to accept the baldness. By shaving off all his hair, a man gains a new-found confidence that cannot be wavered by societal pressures. Guys, wear this confidence with pride, because it is this very confidence that women find insanely attractive!

Shaving off all your hair is one of the most empowering and liberating things you can do for yourself. The author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk says, “My only writing ritual is to shave my head bald between writing the first and second drafts of a book. If I can throw away all my hair, then I have the freedom to trash any part of the book on the next rewrite.”

One of the very first things we notice when we look at someone is their hair. It’s one of the first things we recall when trying to describe someone. It’s also one of the reasons why women find bald men so attractive, because when you don’t have hair, women look directly at your face. More specifically, right into your eyes.

This is where all the magic happens, because eye contact is an incredibly powerful form of body language. Women find bald men more attractive due to the prolonged eye contact. What’s more, establishing trust becomes easier with increased eye contact, and with easier trust comes easier attraction!

Another slightly left-field theory on this matter is a bald man’s resemblance to a baby. So when women look at a bald man, their maternal instinct starts to kick in. While not all women have this instinct, many women do. This is why they become endeared to bald men so quickly, and why this endearment can turn into genuine attraction once they get to know each other.

To sum up, there is no reason for you to sweat the loss of your precious hair. While it has been unable to pinpoint an exact reason, science has found that women do find bald men more attractive. So guys, stop losing sleep over your receding hairline and embrace it instead!  After all, in the words of former Hollywood siren Mae West, “A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.”

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