Nutrition Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

A happy mind resides in a happy body, and certified Nutraceuticals expert Gautam Kapoor is here to help you enjoy a healthy summer
summer nutrition

Soaring temperatures are a clear sign that summer has begun and that’s your cue to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle. Besides following the right fitness regime and wearing heat-friendly clothes, you can also alter your diet to make it more apt for the summer season. And we have Gautam Kapoor, certified Nutraceuticals expert and the author of Don't Be Fooled, to give you some tips on which foods to eat in moderation.

Dry Fruits

While we know that munching on a handful of dry fruits can do wonders for your energy levels, it's advisable to tweak this rule during summers. “Dry fruits, especially cashew nuts, almonds, raisins and walnuts, produce a lot of heat. With the temperatures already soaring high, be wise and eat them in moderation. A handful is sufficient to get you pumped up,” says Kapoor.




As much as we want to binge eat that blob of burrata, experts say that it is important to limit the consumption of cheese as it can harm the body in different ways, especially during summers. “Cheese is acidic in nature and therefore not a good summer food option. It can cause indigestion because of its acidic content and this may cause stomach burn and discomfort. Consume cheese wisely and go easy on the portions,” he advises. 




One fairly common activity during summers is to go out and get roasted corn from street vendors. But the fact is that corn isn’t the best way to soak in the goodness this season has to offer. Gautam shared how all types of carbs are not easy to digest and corn has a specific type of carbohydrate that is difficult to break down in the digestive system. “It causes bloating and indigestion. You have to keep in mind that acids in the stomach can escalate in no time with the rising heat outside. Try to avoid corn in summers or at least eat it in small quantities.”



Tea And Coffee

Binge tea and coffee drinkers pay special attention to this pointer. It is a well-known fact that tea and coffee produce a lot of heat.  “These hot beverages can be really refreshing during colder months, but it would be ideal if you could avoid them or consume them moderately till the temperatures cool off. They produce excess heat in the body, mess with its acid/alkaline levels and cause sleeplessness,” informs Kapoor.

Remember, diet plays a key role in maintaining the balance of your body. So follow these simple nutrition tips and tricks to enjoy good health throughout summers!


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