Planning A Trip Abroad? 7 New Visa Rules You Must Be Aware Of

Learn the rules before you pack your bags.
new via rules for travelling

The holiday season is almost upon us! And the best thing to do during holidays is to, of course, take a vacation. If you want to not just get away from the hustle bustle of your town but also explore different cultures across the world then now is the best time. But wait a second, it’s not so easy to travel across the globe as an Indian passport. Several parts of the world have strict visa requirements for Indian passports holders. India, currently, has visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to only 59 countries. For the rest, you need to make sure you have your documents in order so you don’t miss out on the chance to get a visa for your vacation. This year there have been certain changes in the visa rules which you should be aware of before you fix your holiday destination!

1. No More Transit Visa For France

Until now you needed a transit visa to land at any international French airport while in transit to another destination. However, now there is no need for a transit visa if you are going through the international zone of any airport in France. This makes it easier for you to take any connecting flight via France without having to pay for a transit visa.




2. Expedite Your Entry To The US

Indian travellers who are deemed eligible can now take part in the Global Entry programme of the US if they wish to expedite their visa process for entry in the US.

3. Easy Entry Into Myanmar

India to Myanmar is an approximately 70 hour drive. Not only is it a scenic one and a perfect road trip to plan with your friends, you can now just show the eVisa at the check post, while going by road. The eVisa is also easily obtainable within two days.




4. UAE Visa For Professionals

If you’re a professional in science, medicine or research; an exceptional student or an investor, UAE is easing things up quite a bit for you. UAE is giving a 10-year long-term visa to any such people who wish to visit the country. So if your professional and personal interests lie in UAE, then this is the perfect chance to grab that visa.

5. Good News For Women & Dependents

UAE will now also offer visa-free travel to dependents under the age of 18, accompanied by adults, every year between 15th July - 15th September. Saudi Arabia has also taken a historical step in giving tourist visas to women above 25 years of age, unaccompanied by any man. This is the first time Saudi Arabia has decided to ease its visa rules for single women travelling into the country.




6. Visa On Arrival In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has relaxed visa rules for 28 countries. India is one of them. Now you only need a visa on arrival instead of a pre-arrival visa.

7. Further Relaxed Restrictions

Several other countries have also relaxed their restrictions for Indian passport holders. Japan now doesn’t require an employment letter or explanation letter for short-term stays. Uzbekistan is also giving a single visit e-Visa even when you apply three days prior to your trip. Israel has also cut down its visa fee for B2 visa category from INR 1,700 to INR 1,100. If you have a long-term entry visa to the US, Australia, UK, Canada, Japan or Schengen states then you can easily get a month-long tourist visa on arrival at Oman for INR 3,700.




So where will you be off to?

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