Probiotics Are Not As Beneficial As You Thought

Are you ready to face the truth?
Side effects of probiotics

A lot of research has been done about probiotics and the ways that it benefits the human body. But probiotics have some negative impacts too. Don’t believe us? MH went through some studies to tell you about the possible side effects that probiotics may have.  

1. Might Make You Gassy And Bloated

A study published in the American Journal Of Health-System Pharmacy in 2010 showed that people complained about an irritated gut condition after the consumption of probiotics. The study showed that this was a common occurrence among the volunteers of the study. It also concluded that people who are critically ill or are severely immunocompromised should not consume probiotics. Another study published in The Annals Of Pharmacotherapy journal in 2007 showed that some of its volunteers on consuming yeast based probiotics suffered constipation and increased thirst.

2. Might Induce Redness And Swelling

A study done by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2012, tells us that some of the bacteria strains found in probiotics have the capacity of initiating the production of histamine in the blood, especially in the gut area. Histamine is produced by our body when it senses any form of threat. As the histamine level rises, the blood vessels dilate to increase the blood flow in that area to tackle the threat. When this happens without any reason the excessive blood can cause redness and swelling. In some cases this might lead to allergic symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, running nose or troubled breathing.




3. Might Make You Prone To Infections

Another study published in 2004 by the Department of Medicine, Helsinki University Central Hospital showed us that people who have a history of prolonged hospitalisation, have recently gone under surgery or have a compromised immune system should stay away from probiotics. Reason being, the bacteria and yeast that are found in the probiotics have the capability of entering the bloodstream and causing an infection. Though the chances of this happening are not very high but there is still a possibility.

4. Can Induce Headaches

A study published by the University of Torino, Italy in 2016, tells us that generally probiotics contain histamine, tyramine and tryptamine. These amines have the capability of increasing or decreasing the blood flow in the central nervous system which may trigger severe headaches.

Probiotics are not that high and mighty after all.

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