The Revofit App Is The Fitness Buddy You Need

All the resources you need on your fitness journey fit right into your pocket!

We all have that friend who we approach for fitness advice — what exercises to do at the gym, what we should eat to lose weight, where to find the best workout gear. They seem to have all the answers! Now imagine if you could carry them around with you constantly and get their expert opinion at a moment’s notice. Doesn’t that sound helpful? Enter the Revofit app, your one-stop destination for all things fitness.



The app addresses all your fitness needs in one convenient location which means you have workout wisdom, diet plans and exercise accessories available at your fingertips all the time. It’s divided into four main tabs that together cover all aspects of getting fit—namely Plan, Move, Eat and Shop along with a couple of other helpful menus that we’re going to be taking a closer look at here.

Getting Started

When you download the app, the first thing you have to do is fill in a detailed questionnaire. Information such as your height, weight, eating preferences and disease history all go into the app’s database, which gives you your BMI Report Card. Remember to be brutally honest—the more accurate you are, the better the app can help you. Don’t worry if you don’t like what you read there, you’ve downloaded Revofit to change all that, right?

The next step is to enter your fitness goals along with a time frame in which you want to achieve them. It’s important to be realistic here—if you say you want to lose 20kg in the next week, that’s not going to happen! Once the app has all it needs its algorithm devises a personalised plan for you to adopt. What’s more, the plan keeps changing based on your level of progress and needs! Both free and paid fitness and nutrition plans are available on the app. Here’s the break down:

1. Plan

The first screen you see when you open the app, Plan provides your calorie consumption and activity level for the day as well as an overview of where you are with regards to your overall fitness journey. Based on your input, the app calibrates the best workout plans and meal plans to guide you forward and displays them on the Plan tab.



2. Move

If you’re someone who needs constant motivation and guidance to work out, you’re in the right place. Customised exercises and workout plans (in video form as well) based on your fitness levels and ultimate goals show up on this tab that even takes into account how much time you have to spare. It’s like having your own personal fitness trainer on the go!



The intuitive Walk+Run fitness tracker tracks and records your movements through the day and motivates you by playing your favourite tunes as you move. Need further motivation? Dynamic challenges are sure to keep you going.

3. Eat

Always dreamed of having a personal chef? Here’s your chance, or at least part of it. Meal plans created by certified nutritionists keep you informed about your nutritional requirements while chef Vicky Ratnani’s video tutorials for healthy recipes make it easy for you to cook delicious meals like a pro at home.



Revofit’s detailed database of Indian and international food items tells you all you need to know about the nutritional value of what’s on your plate at any time and also makes it convenient for you to enter your food intake into the app to track your calories accurately.

4. Shop

To take on a fitness project of this magnitude you need to have the right tools. The Shop tab holds a marketplace of wellness, fitness and bodybuilding products with the best offers to make sure you have all you need for the ride. From health foods to exercise equipment, you have it all right here.



Additional Features

Another nice touch is the live chat option where you can get real-time advice and motivation from fitness professionals and nutritionists about exercise, diet or just health and fitness in general. They might not be available all the time but you’ll get answers to all your queries.

The Verdict

Making the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle is a tough one and following through on it is even tougher. There’s just so much to consider! That’s where Revofit really shines through as it combines all the areas of holistic health and fitness into one app and delivers it right into your phone! It’s definitely a valuable asset to have on your fitness journey.

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