Secret To Sushant Singh Rajput’s Enviable Abs REVEALED!

And how you can get those abs of steel too!
Sushant Singh Rajput

For fitness freaks, abs may be the first thing that draws attention if not the biceps. If you too are dreaming of a well chiselled body like the ones we see on the silver screen, fret not as it is not far from your reach anymore. We have got you covered! Besides acting and burning the dance floor with his impeccable moves, popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput is also an avid fitness freak. For the uninitiated ones, stars are the gorgeous beings who like to remain super secretive about their workout regime. However, we have Sushant’s fitness coach Samee Ahmad who has let the cat out of the bag and gave us a detailed tour into the training room of the star. Here’s a sneak peek into Sushant Singh Rajput’s workout regime for those envious abs:

Back to Basics

“It’s my belief that the foundation or base of any workout should be to develop and increase core strength. Our core gives us the strength to withstand and endure those exercises and hence more importance should be given to that. Hence to fortify Sushant’s core, we swore by core strengthening exercises like deadlifts and squats. Any compound movements or exercises lead to a large number of calories burn which results in immediate fat loss,” says Ahmad as he lays foundation for a heavy duty workout.



Posture is the Key

Another important thing that helped Sushant attain those washboard abs at a much quicker pace was a good posture. Sustaining a good posture not only helps tremendously while working out, but it also adds on to maintaining a perfect form during those extensive exercises.

Sushant’s specialised workout pattern:

Actors like to prep up their body much before going in front of the camera for a role. SSR did just the same. Below are the exercises that helped him achieve his desired goal:

Mind Over Matter

Training the mind is the first priority. “Having a tenacious mindset is what worked in Sushant’s favour. This type of regime is not just for a short length of time, it is for people who wish to sustain their bodies for a longer run,” he quipped.



Compound Movement/Exercises:

Various types of deadlifts, squats (traditional squats, front squats and overhead squat), lunges, clean pull, push press, push jerk, Russian hamstring curl, bench and dumble press, Lat pull down, push ups, pull ups, parallel bar dips on reps helped Sushant get closer to his goal each passing day.

For the Love of Abs:

Hanging leg raises, cable crunches, ab rollout, mountain climbers, Russian twists, reverse crunches, side jack-knives are few of the exercises that the MS Dhoni star did regularly. “External resistance was added, both manually and using a resistance band, so as to increase the level of difficulty,” says Ahmed.  



Ahmed primarily worked on strengthening Sushant’s mid-riff and then moved onto other drills. Apart from the exercises mentioned above, Sushant also focused on 16-minute workout segment everyday post weight training. The key exercise in this 16-minute workout was short sprints.



Talking about this, Ahmed said, “I divided the minimum time by alternating short sprints with other exercises like jogging, oblique twists, leg raises and skipping. So, 1 minute of short sprints whilst keeping the core engaged and tight and then another minute of jogging then again, a minute of short sprints and so on. I trained him rigorously by integrating several other drill segments and our workout usually lasted for around 1.3 to 2 hours.


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