Should You Go For An Undercut? Let Your Face Shape Decide!

Face types that complement the undercut hairstyle and the ones that don’t.
underecut hairstyles

However trendy a hairstyle may be, it’s always essential to evaluate the shape of your face to see how it best suits you. Here are ways which make sure you never go wrong with a haircut. With regard to the undercut hairstyle, there are endless combinations that are possible for a variety of undercuts that will go with different face shapes.

Here are 7 face shapes and the kind of undercut that will complement each.  

Ideal Face Shapes For An Undercut: 

1. Oval Faces

Oval faces are well-suited for undercuts. Being a high cut with a boxed, angular finish, there’s no risk of rounding the face. In fact an undercut will highlight your features just as much as needed.

2. Round Faces 

Undercuts look the best on round faces. The tight sides emphasize volume on top and help to elongate the face, making it look less round. An undercut also provides an angular finish that can be accentuated with a hard side partition.

3. Square Faces 

Square faces do well with undercuts as their strong features complement the angular style of the cut. Try not to use cuts that are too sharp, it is important to find the right balance with your features.

Acceptable Face Shapes That Can Rock The Undercut:  

4. Oblong Faces 

With aggressively tight sides, oblong faces may encounter a serious risk of a hairstyle severely elongating the face. Nevertheless, undercuts are possible if the height on top is minimal.

5. Triangle Faces 

Triangle faces can enjoy experimenting with undercuts. But you must take extra care that the disconnect remains relatively low to offset the jawline.

Incompatible Face shapes for an Undercut: 

6. Diamond-Shaped Faces 

Undercuts aren’t recommended for people with diamond-shaped faces as they over-sharpen their features and expose their pronounced cheekbones. 

7. Heart-Shaped Faces

People with heart-shaped faces run a risk of the tight sides drawing too much attention to their wide foreheads. This may also expose their small chins. 

Consider opting for a hairstyle featuring a fringe instead as this tends to complement both face shapes well.

While undercuts are in fashion, make sure to sport one only if you believe that you can rock it! Although if you are looking for a perfect hairstyle, you might get some help here!

About The Author: Savio John Pereira is a celebrity hairstylist who made his way into the industry 15 years ago. Thanks to his ability to turn even the most ghastly mane into a chic one, he's got names like Priyanka Chopra, Ajay Devgn and Shilpa Shetty in his impressive client list. 

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