The MH Diet Chart For Six Pack Abs

Working your abs at the gym is only part of the battle—continue your quest for six-pack abs in the kitchen with your food choices!
Diet Chart For Six Pack Abs

Preparing a diet chart for six pack abs is the ultimate way to back up all the hard work you’ve been doing at the gym to get ripped. While there’s no miracle food that’ll give you the abs of your dreams after just one bite (even though we wish there were) making the right health and nutrition choices before and after your workout can definitely help speed things up by burning up that stubborn belly fat.

So what foods should be on your shopping list? Here’s your diet chart for six pack abs.

1. Breakfast

Your six pack nutrition plan starts with the first meal of the day! This means no food cravings in the middle of the day, which reduces your daily calorie intake and puts you on track for that six pack.


Eggs are a quintessential breakfast food that help reduce body fat while keeping you sated for longer through the day. Having a hearty but healthy breakfast is crucial not just because of the nutrient content but also because a filling breakfast at the start of the day keeps you full for longer.




Oats provide a much healthier alternative to you favourite breakfast cereal. They contain beta glycan which gives you satiety, and this satiety hormone has been shown to reduce calorie intake and decrease the risk of obesity by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels too.

2. Lunch

The middle of the day is usually when hunger catches up to you. Pre-packing a healthy and nutritious lunch will keep you from mindless snacking at your work desk all day!

Lean Meats

Well-prepared lean meats, such as chicken breast makes the ideal lunch if you’re trying to get six pack abs, and that has to do with the nutritional value of chicken as well as the fact that it tastes amazing!




It’s not just non-vegetarians who can build six pack abs, there are just as many vegetarian meal options as well! A healthy salad with spinach as the base makes for the perfect lunch-on-the-go.

3. Dinner

Having eaten healthy throughout the day and finished your workout as well, it’s time to wrap up your six pack nutrition with a light dinner.

Fatty Fish

Let’s be clear, the fats in this ‘fatty’ fish are all good fats! A nice salmon dish would be filling and supremely healthy at the same time.


Celery a versatile vegetable that you can braise, make soups and smoothies with, or simply add to a salad for a nice crunch. Oh, did we mention it’s low in calories, packed with fiber and water and it boosts metabolism to a high level as it passes through the body?



4. Dessert

Dark Chocolate

Those of you who were worried about a blanket ban on sweets can breathe a sigh of relief because dark chocolate is here to save the day! Other than its numerous health benefits, its antioxidant content helps boost fat loss as well.



5. Snacks


What do you do when hunger strikes and you’re nowhere near a meal time? Eating a handful of nuts is the healthy and filling solution!

6. Accompaniments

Greek Yogurt

Not only does it add a wonderful creamy texture to any food its added to, Greek yogurt can actually help you burn fat as well! It can be used as a salad dressing, post-workout snack, or after-dinner indulgence!

7. Drinks

Green Tea

Looking for a healthy beverage to go along with all these healthy foods? Green tea should be your drink of choice. It contains a compound called EGCG, which enhances the body’s fat-burning process. Plus, the caffeine it contains can give your metabolism another (slight) boost. Opt for freshly brewed, unsweetened green tea for maximum impact



8. What To Avoid

Now that you know what foods you should be eating, you should also know what to steer clear of. It’s time to bid farewell to processed meats, sugary foods (and drinks), fried foods and alcohol because they’ll sabotage your efforts to get abs. The key isn’t to cut fats out of your diet altogether, but to replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones.

Now that you have the requisite health and nutrition advice, there’s nothing stopping you from building the abs you always wanted!

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