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Suniel Shetty

Actor Suniel Shetty has always been an inspiration when it comes to fitness. Despite being over 50 years, he is fit as a fiddle. The actor recently endorsed Mission Fit India’s fitness campaign Jio Fitness Hour. In a candid interview with MH, the actor talks about his fitness regime, how it’s changed over the years and the precautions he takes at his age.

MH Team: You have always maintained a very fit physique. What does fitness mean to you?
Suniel Shetty: To me, fitness is everything. A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. Moreover, being fit has given me more than I can imagine. I am not a trained actor and it was just my fitness that got me into the industry. My fitness also propelled me to stardom in movies and helped me justify my role as an action hero.

Was there ever a time when you were not fit? How did you get into fitness?
Suniel Shetty:  Fitness, for me, has never been a destination but a journey. Even as a kid, fitness was important to me. I would work out in parks, do freehand exercises and dand baithaks, and play a lot of sports. I also trained in martial arts and was an avid practitioner of Yoga.

What does your work out regime look like? Do you work out every day?

Suniel Shetty Yoga

Suniel Shetty:  I do a lot of Yoga, stretching and running coupled with light gymming. I work out every day for at least 2-4 hours. I start with Yoga and do pranayama and asanas for an hour and then hit the gym for 40 minutes or so. At the gym, however, I have started to lift lighter weights and I am focussing on increasing my reps.

How has your regime changed over the years?
Suniel Shetty:  Earlier, I would spend a good amount of time at the gym, doing what one might call hardcore exercises with heavy weights and high resistance. Now that I am older, I have cut back from doing those. I have gradually shifted to Yoga and other exercises which aren’t as strenuous on my body as the previous ones were. I still go to the gym though, but for no more than 40 minutes. Plus, I now lift lighter weights but do more reps as that helps me in training and strengthening my muscles.

Being fit at fifty is not an easy task! What are the precautions that you take in order to not strain yourself?

Suniel Shetty Boxing

Suniel Shetty:  You strain yourself only when you push too hard too early or when you don’t know when to cut back. When I was on my sabbatical, I dedicated my time towards getting to know myself better. I researched about food intolerances and allergies and how age affects muscles. Today, I am approaching my health with a more informed attitude. I eat what’s good for me and try not to exert my muscles. I am fifty after all!

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