The ‘Superstar Taped Sneaker’ Is The New Bizarre Fashion Trend We Don’t Get

Did we mention they cost “only” $530?
Taped Sneaker

We’re all familiar with distressed jeans and dad sneakers, style items that take creative liberties to elevate their style quotient. They seem to go against common fashion sensibilities because let’s face it, you wouldn’t tear holes in your jeans after you buy them, nor would you go out of your way to buy a pair of sneakers that you know look bad. And yet, these looks are just a couple of examples of style trends taking over the fashion world right now.

What happens when you go one step further and put the two together? Yes, you’re on the right track—distressed shoes are a real thing. We’re talking in particular about the Superstar Taped Sneaker, created by Italian luxury brand Golden Goose. Intentionally ripped denims have caught on, but could intentionally grungy footwear reach the same heights?



More About The Shoe

Among the venues where you can get your hands on a pair of these shoes is popular American retailer Nordstrom. The Superstar Taped Sneaker retails for $530 on their website, accompanied by the following description:

“Crumply, hold-it-all-together tape details a distressed leather sneaker in a retro low profile with a signature sidewall star and a grungy rubber cupsole.”

It might surprise you to learn that this isn’t the brand’s first foray into the world of distressed footwear, having released plenty of similar-looking shoes (with a similar-looking price tag as well) which they described as having ‘a refined and modern style with a vintage feeling’. The brand intends the shoes as an homage to West Coast skater culture.



Public Opinion

Golden Goose might have thought they were on to something huge here with these sneakers. After all, the distressed fashion trend is huge right now! However, the Superstar Taped Sneaker has been met with a barrage of criticism online, with people accusing the brand of glorifying poverty.

Cutting edge of fashion or capitalism at its worst? We’ll leave you to decide.

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