The Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping Nude

And we’re talking about weight loss too – just so you know
Sleeping in Nude

When we sleep, our body temperature drops by about 0.5 degree to aid the sleeping process. When we sleep nude, heat from the core of our body dissipates faster from our skin, allowing us to fall asleep quicker and more deeply. Good-quality sleep has multiple benefits, including the following: 

•    Helps keeps signs of aging at bay 
•    Improves immunity 
•    Repairs body tissues 
•    Helps release the growth hormone, which has many beneficial anti-aging effects

Benefits Of Sleeping Nude

While most of us may be familiar with the health benefits of adequate sleep, not many know that sleeping nude has its own set of merits. Let’s look at some of the interesting ones here:

•    Promotes Weight Loss

Our body has a good type of fat called ‘Brown Fat’, which is very efficient in calorie generation. Levels of brown fat are believed to increase if you sleep naked, thus promoting overall health. As our body temperature drops, Cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop too. Alternatively, if the body remains warmer, it could lead to increased anxiety, erratic food cravings, unexplained weight gain and other similar problems. Hence, if your body temperature is down and you sleep well, your body will be able to produce and regulate cortisol appropriately.

Our body temperature does not stay constant throughout the day – it adjusts itself according to energy usage. Sleeping naked allows our body temperature to fluctuate naturally, aiding deep sleep. Better your sleep patterns and quality, the healthier you are.

Reduces weight


•    Improves Reproductive Health

This stands true for both men and women. Vaginal issues and yeast infections could be kept at bay by sleeping naked; primarily because bacteria grow in moist and warm environments. Sleeping naked helps prevent these infections, proving especially beneficial for those suffering from recurrent vaginal infections. As for men, sleeping naked helps lower the temperature of the testes, thereby promoting increased fertility and improved sperm quality. Skin-to-skin contact is a major trigger for the release of Oxytocin, also called the love hormone. This kind of contact can lead to a more active and happier sex life with your partner. It also promotes feelings of togetherness and intimacy.

•    Delays Ageing

Research suggests that that a warmer sleeping temperature stops your body from releasing anti-aging hormones. Sleeping in warmer temperatures or being overly clothed is known to slow down the release of melatonin and the growth hormone. The release of the growth hormone overnight is what restores your hair and skin health. Importantly, restrictive nightwear and inner garments don’t let the blood flow freely in your body; whereas when you sleep naked, your muscles and other organs receive better circulation and you enjoy better quality sleep.

To put it simply, sleeping naked lets your skin breathe and get plenty of clean air; it helps brings down your visits to the skin specialist for rash, irritation and other skin issues.

Lastly, feeling colder in the night may decrease blood sugar levels, boost metabolism and prevent type-2 diabetes. Studies show that people who slept naked could improve their health in several weeks. Sleeping naked will also help reduce your risk for heart disease and obesity.

Skin Ageing


About The Author: 

Dr. Pradip Shah has been associated with Fortis Hospital, Mulund since 2003. He has completed his basic training at Sasoon General Hospitals, Pune and his MBBS and M.D. (Internal medicine) with three year residency system from B.J.Medical College, Pune.

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