These 7 Instagram Profiles Will Have You Craving Food In No Time!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
food instagram pages

The good part is you don’t always need a woman to find the way to your heart, you have yourself and Instagram for it! Food dedicated Instagram pages are something we simply can’t help but adore. After all, is there anything better than food with great aesthetics? If you’re the kind of man who loves exploring his menu then these 6 Instagram pages will be heaven for you.

1. Joe Wicks

Fitness and health food enthusiast, Joe Wicks will be all the motivation you need to transform your lifestyle. Joe has taken it upon himself to help people stuck in low-calorie diets that are simply counter-productive and help them get a fit and lean body - the right way! You can even follow his diet plans, workout routines or the phenomenal 90 Days plan that sure seems to be working wonders.



2. Himanshu Taneja

A photographer based in Sydney, Himanshu seems to love his food as much (or even more?) as his camera. His photography and baking skills sure do leave us drooling! From frosty cakes to desi kadhai chicken, you will find it all here.


Himanshu Taneja


3. Jeremy Jacobwitz

This one’s for the boys who love their brunch because who can really say no to mimosas? Follow Jeremy for juicy burgers, spicy noodles and meaty delights that will have you running for your next cheat meal!



4. Shivesh

22-year-old Shivesh is a self-taught baker, food blogger and even has his debut book releasing soon! Talk about achievements, huh? Shivesh’s scrumptious desserts are worth ogling over for hours on end. Who knows they might just awaken the baker in you!




5. Michael & Mark

Now that Michael & Mark have found love, they travel the world looking for food! Their Instagram page is a delight to follow simply for how neat the pictures are. 10 points for the symmetry, boys! Not to forget Michael has already authored his first cookbook SymmetryBreakfast: Cook-Love-Share which is as beautiful as his Instagram feed.


Michael & Mark


6. Nikhil Merchant

If you like your food served on a golden platter then Nikhil’s luxurious photos will always leave you wanting more. Nikhil runs his own blog, Nonchalant Gourmand, and is a restaurateur by profession. His passion for food and luxé lifestyle is bound to have you hooked!


Nikhil Merchant


7. Aman Singhal

Explore the National Capital, Delhi, through Aman’s food platter. From local Chinese to gol gappas to momos, Delhi and Aman have a lot to offer. If you’re missing this food trail, you’re definitely missing a lot!


Get hogging and double tappin’!

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