7 Things That Are Staining Your Teeth (Not Just Tea & Coffee)

It’s more than just what you eat.
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Every time you see your teeth up close and realise that they’re looking a little discoloured, stop blaming it on the caffeine. We spoke to Dr Ekta Chadha, a Delhi-based aesthetic dental surgeon to better understand the different things that could be staining your teeth. And it’s not just tea and coffee. Here are 7 things that could be resulting in discoloured or stained teeth. Read on…

1. Soda

Soda contains artificial sweeteners which are very harmful for the tooth’s enamel (and your overall health too). The sugars present in these aerated drinks breaks down the tooth’s enamel and allows bacteria to grow. Darker coloured aerated drinks are even worse when it comes to tooth staining. So, it’s advised to steer clear of aerated drinks in general.

2. Wine (Sorry Wine Lovers!)

This might not be great news for wine lovers, but wine contains tannins - also found in tea - which stains the teeth. Red wine can change the colour of your teeth to shades of grey. White wine, on the other hand, darkens existing stains and is more acidic - this allows other aerated drinks to penetrate through the teeth. You might want to limit your wine consumption, boys!




3. Smoking

If you’re a regular smoker, chances are you already know this. Not only is smoking bad for your overall health, but it also damages your teeth and gums to a large extent. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar which can make your teeth turn yellow even in a short period of time.  

4. Citrus Foods

Who doesn’t like citrus foods? Even though citrus foods have an array of health benefits that come with them, it’s true that they discolour teeth. Citrus foods contain an acid that erodes the enamel of the teeth and makes the teeth appear yellow in colour.




5. Desserts And Sweet Stuff

Surprised, eh? Foods rich in sugar are often associated with cavities but they’re also responsible for discolouration and staining of teeth. The sugars present in desserts erode the teeth’s natural enamel and make them appear yellow in colour. Apart from discolouring the teeth, sweet stuff is generally considered bad for your oral hygiene as it allows bacteria to flourish.

6. Poor Oral Hygiene

This one’s a no-brainer. Brushing your teeth twice a day and brushing them properly is imperative to maintain a healthy oral environment. If you don’t brush properly and daily, the bacteria in your teeth will grow and result in plaque, cavities and ultimately destroy the enamel of your teeth. A lot of dentists also recommend using an electric toothbrush as it makes you conscious of the pressure you’re applying while brushing your teeth and helps in cleaning them properly.



7. Medication

It’s unfortunate but it’s also true that a lot of times the medicines you’re consuming contribute to teeth stains. Medicines for high blood pressure and antipsychotic medicines can affect the enamel of your teeth.

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