9 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

And see a positive change in your quality of sleep.
how to improve your sleep hygiene

Owing to our hectic work life, we don’t think much about ‘sleep hygiene’ per se. Passing out while watching an episode of our favourite show on Netflix has become our normal routine. After all, that’s the only way to unwind after a long day of work, right? Turns out, this doesn’t help in maintaining your sleep hygiene, according to Dr Manjari Tripathi, Neurologist, Cognitive Disorders Clinic at AIIMS, Delhi. Not getting enough sleep can absolutely ruin the next day for you. From lowering your sex drive to making you feel cranky, the drawbacks are plenty. A healthy sleep cycle also goes a long way in achieving your fitness goals and maintaining great overall health. So, we spoke to Dr Manjari and here’s what she advises you to do to improve your sleep hygiene.     

1. Use Your Bed And Your Bedroom Only For Sleeping

According to Dr Manjari, you should use your bed and your bedroom only and only for sleeping. Avoid doing any other activity, whether it’s watching movies on your laptop, working or even eating on your bed. This’ll help in associating your bedroom and your bed with just one thing that is sleep.

2. Keep The Clock Away

A lot of us like to keep a wall clock in our bedrooms because we feel it’ll help us sleep early, wake up early or just be punctual. According to the expert, this is not a good idea. Some clocks make that ticking sound and even if that’s not the case, it adversely affects the quality of sleep.    




3. Go Down On Your Consumption Of Tea Or Coffee

A long day at work calls for those extra cups of coffee. However, Dr Manjari suggests that one should avoid reaching out for a glass of coffee or tea post 2 PM. Surprised, eh?

4. Deal With Your Stress The Same Day

We know, this is easier said than done. When there are so many things happening around you, it’s natural to be stressed. But it is essential to address this stress before you hit the bed. If you that for some reason you can deal with it the same day, make a stress journal and write down your worries in it before you try sleeping. That way, it’ll be out of your system, at least.




5. Maintain A Sleep Association Object

We’re sure everyone had a little toy to would cuddle with and sleep as kids. The expert says that this toy is a sleep association object. Some people wear eye masks to sleep while others hug a pillow. Either way, finding an object you associate with sleep will help.  

6. Say No To Vigorous Workouts Before Sleeping

Morning workouts are the best. But if you’re not a morning person, they can be the absolute worst. However, that’s not the only option. Just try not to work out 2-3 hours before you sleep. Your body needs to be in a state of rest right before you hit the sack. 

7. Have A Light Dinner

Just like intense workouts, avoid having a really heavy meal before you sleep. If at all you can’t avoid it, make sure it’s about 3-4 hours before your bedtime.




8. Dim Lights Always Work

Have a habit of dozing off with the lights on? You might want to change that. The expert says that dim lights are way better to get good quality of sleep than bright lights.

9. Listen To Calm Music

Listen to calm music and relax your body right before you sleep. This really helps in inducing sleep.




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