Top 7 Most Followed Female Celebrities On Instagram

Did your #WomanCrush make it to this list?
most followed female celebrities on Instagram

We’re on the other side of 2018 and looking at all the selfies, it seems like a good year for the social media stars of Instagram. Don’t we all secretly look forward to that one celebrity’s Insta post that’ll make us hit ‘like’? It’s time to get double tapping, guys. We’re about to reveal the 7 most followed female celebrities on Instagram. Read on to find out if your favourite celebrity made it to this list…  

1. Selena Gomez - 141 Million Followers 

From talking about her mental health, to posting glam shots with big brands like Coach and PUMA, Selena Gomez shares a lot with her fans. Gomez topped the list in 2017 as well and after all the hard work at maintaining her social media feed, she’s topped it again!  



2. Ariana Grande - 121 Million Followers 

The singer recently got engaged to her boyfriend Mac Miller, creating a lot of social media buzz. We’re not giving credit to that event for her insane following though. It’s her selfies and slightly unconventional feed that takes the cake.


Ariana Grande


3. Beyonce - 117 Million Followers 

It’s a little surprising that Beyoncé is third on this list but courtesy of her pregnancy shoot and hot bod, she’s kept up her following of 117 million.



4. Kim Kardashian - 116 Million Followers 

To all the people who secretly watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians it might come as a surprise that Kim hasn’t roped this list. But a whopping 116 million isn’t a number one should be upset about, right?



5. Kylie Jenner - 114 Million Followers 

Self made or not - her feed something no one can ignore. We’ve literally seen Kylie grow up on screen, from a rebellious teenager to the proud mom she is now. The celebrity recently got featured in Forbes and runs an extremely popular brand by the name Kylie Cosmetics! 



6. Taylor Swift - 111 Million Followers

Country girl turned pop princess, Taylor has a fan base that’s quite spread out, just like her musical range. From pictures of her cats to her latest music, we can’t seem to get enough of what she has to share. 



7. Kendall Jenner - 94.6 Million Followers 

94.6 Million is not a small number but also puts Kendall 7th on this list! Kendall usually posts glamorous pictures in bikinis, her cover shoots with leading magazines and sometimes indulges in #SisterLove by posting with Kylie too!



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