Vocal Cords Are Not The Only Thing That Singer Arjun Kanungo Exercises

He shares his workout routine, fitness icons and more with MH...
Arjun Kanungo

He is all of 27, but like other 27-year-olds that we know, Arjun Kanungo hardly ever parties. Instead, he has quite a few popular party numbers to his credit. He agrees that digital times like ours don’t account to a healthy lifestyle. “Convenience comes at a cost and we need to keep moving to have a healthy life”. Men’s Health caught up with this powerhouse of talent and got him to share some of his fitness and diet secrets…

MH Team: Exercising your vocal chords is one thing. What does your physical fitness routine comprise of?

Arjun Kanungo: I work out six times a week in the gym - three times with weights, three times a mix of stretching, cardio and some kickboxing. Besides that, dance classes are thrice a week, which are on the same days as weight training. A few times every month, I attend Boot Camps with Cindy Jourdain.



Any specific fitness regime you follow weekly/daily?

I used to follow strict routines but I've started to get bored easily. So I try to mix fitness into something I can learn a skill with. Right now I'm doing a Stunt Choreography course which is super fun and intense.

Any favourite exercises?

The Deadlift. Most people think that the deadlift is a lower back exercise. It is not. You use your legs and hips to push up. It engages your core and lowers back as well but those are not what the deadlift is for.

What do other alternative forms of exercise you participate in if you don’t feel like hitting the gym?

I love kickboxing. Sports of any kind especially basketball. I used to be a National level basketball player. I suck now cause I am out of practice but every once in a while I head to the court.

Nutrition-wise, how conscious are you?

I would say staying fit is 20 per cent exercise, 30 per cent sleep and 50 per cent diet. Diet is a priority for me. I did a course on sports nutrition and I make my own diets. For a while, I was training with an American dude called John Romaniello and I still use his diet plans from time to time.

A message for aspiring singers…

Keep your head down and keep hustling. Try to keep learning, try to keep growing. That part of your journey will never end.



You’ve trained in acting as well. Are films on the horizon for you?

Yes, I've done a small role as myself in a film releasing in October. More details soon. I have a web series coming out with Eros now on September 24. The show is called Side Hero and I'm starring in it alongside Gauhar Khan and Kunaal Roy Kapoor.

What’s your personal benchmark for success?

If I give my best and I know for a fact that it's my absolute best then the result doesn't matter. You do what you can and you move to the next project. If I haven't given my best, then it's back to the drawing boards to figure out what I could have done better and apply that to the next project.

Who is your fitness inspiration?

Bruce Lee. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cats.

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