Wearing This ‘Donut’ Will Put An End To Painful Sex

A stretchy sex ‘donut’ could make sex more pleasurable for women.
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Sexual intercourse can be painful for women for reasons more than one. Anything from infections to endometriosis can mean that the act of intimacy is accompanied by pain. That’s where ‘Ohnut’ comes to the rescue. Founded by Emily Sauer, the intimate wearable allows you to customise the depth of penetration and offers pain-free stimulation for women.  

Sauer suffered from deep dyspareunia (difficult or painful sexual intercourse) quietly for 10 years before she created the product. Though she had accepted painful sex during deep penetration, she could never get used to it. After years of suffering, Emily finally came up with the wild idea of this wearable intimate that could put an end to her and many other women’s misery for good. 

How It Works

The $70 Ohnut is a ring-shaped ultra-stretchy, light blue polymer that has to be worn by a man at the base of his shaft to modulate penetration. Each ring has a slightly smaller, thinner flare so it can interlock with other Ohnuts. You can use one or stack two or three together to customise penetration during sex. 


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Though the process of wearing the product doesn’t sound cumbersome, we wonder if Ohnut adversely affects performance or pleasure.  

According to feedback from multiple test users, Ohnut doesn’t even feel like it’s there! In fact, most people said that Ohnut made sex more pleasurable and helped them feel more connected with their partners. People who tested the product wearing a condom said that they never had to worry about the condom slipping off. Looks like the pain-reducing Ohnut has more than one noteworthy benefits!  

Try talking to your partner to understand whether they enjoy sex as much as you do. Lack of communication between couples and between doctors and patients is the biggest barrier to the treatment of sexual pain.     

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