What It Takes To Be A Freestyle Footballer In India

MH sits down with Archis Patil to decode what it takes to be a National Champion of Street Football.

Football is the sport that is on a rise in India in terms of popularity. With France claiming the FIFA world cup 2018 just recently, the football fever still lingers on. India has been playing catch up with the world when it comes to this sport. The domestic scene on the Football front is also reaching a new high with initiatives such as Tango league by Adidas. The initiative promotes football on all scales and provides all the amenities to the players at a world class level. The second tango league was organised by Adidas this Saturday (August 11, 2018) where MH interacted with the 19-year-old National Champion of Street Football, Archis Patil to talk about the sport and what drives him. 

What Exactly Is Freestyle Football?

Patil, who has been a freestyle footballer in India for 10 years, warns us not to commit the common mistake of confusing football with freestyle football. Both are very different forms of the sport but have the same roots. He compares freestyling to breakdance or kathak as the sport also involves a lot of acrobatic moves. Patil also adds that the sport is not for people who are impatient as the sport takes a lot of time and consistency to learn. He says it's exactly like working out at a gym, where your goal is to get your dream body which requires time, effort and consistency. Similarly, it takes time to master the tricks in this sport. 

How He Prepares In The Gym

To stay in shape, Archis follows a very strict and structured routine which involves 7-8 hours of work out in a day. He does strength training 3 times a week and is also a fan of basic, fundamental exercises such as squats, bench press, push ups and pull ups. He also includes a lot of running in his day to day routine along with a lot of acrobatics to maintain flexibility. He structures his workout in a way that they are targeted on intrinsic muscles. 

The Fuel Of His Choice

Patil prefers a lot of carbohydrates in his diet as he works out a lot in a day. He doesn’t follow a very strict diet and also is not in the habit of eating a lot of proteins. He loves hogging dry fruits to fuel up his system, making sure that his proteins and minerals consumption is on point. He also consumes at least 1000 mg vitamins a day.

His Advice To People Who Want To Follow In His Footsteps



To be an international freestyle footballer, Patil emphasis on being consistent in training and clear about the goal. He asks people to follow a very structured pattern and to focus on legs while training in order to be flexible and quick. The sport requires a lot of acrobatics so he insists on working on elasticity and mobility. 

Patil, who also trains Bollywood actors in freestyling for their movies or commercials, is about to represent India in Prague again in the World Championship this August. We wish him luck!

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