9 Women Reveal What They Want Men To Do Right After Sex

Every woman doesn’t want to be cuddled.
what women want from men after sex

For years now we’ve been told that women like to cuddle right after sex. That might be true for some of us but that doesn’t mean we all want a cuddle fest right after sex, right? Some men really love to cuddle and get cozy as well. It’s definitely not gender specific. So what is it that women want to do after the act? Or more specifically, what is it that women want the man to do right after sex? MH asked 9 women and here’s what they have to say…  

1. A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

“A good cup of coffee, please? It would be great if my partner could make me a cup of coffee and pamper me right after sex!” - Shalini Chatterjee, 25.




2. Show Some Lovin’

“I love it when he kisses me on the forehead and doesn’t start playing games on his phone. So, a kiss on the forehead it is!” - Priyanka Deb, 24.

3. Play With Her Hair

“It might sound cliche, but it always feels great when you lie next to your partner after sex and he gently plays with your hair.” - Nisha Malhotra, 25.




4. Let’s Get Talking

“Cuddling for a bit is great then I’d like to talk about something nice or even watch a movie with him.” - Anjali Singh, 29.

5. Just Laugh It Off

“This might sound silly but I love it when the man acts playful right after sex - tickles me a little as we laugh it off.” - Ankita Sharma, 26.


what women want from men after sex


6. It’s A Mutual Mess!

“Clean, clean, clean! I don’t expect the man to lie there comfortably while I clean up the mess. I would love it if the man helps in the cleaning process too. We can always head for a shower together post that!” - Amaira D’souza, 23.

7. Praise Her A Little

“Sometimes after sex, I like to talk about what move was liked by each person. So, what better than a little bit of praise that comes from your man? I would like the man to tell me about what I did good and what pleased him.” - Zeisha Siddiqi, 26.




8. Suggest Round Two

“I’d like the man to give me a playful wink and suggest that we go for round two. When something’s good you only want more of it, right?” - Anu Arora, 29.

9. Time To Indulge!

“I’d like it if he can whip me up a pancake. ‘Coz I just shed some calories and now it’s time to gain some.” - Sharmila Sen 28.




*Names changed to protect privacy.  

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