What You Can Eat In The Whole 30 Diet Program

Here’s an introspective approach to your health.
whole30 diet

Tired of giving excuses to yourself for not getting on with your fitness regime and diet? Losing weight may sound pretty hectic for people who don’t have time for gym or Yoga or even to go on a diet. The real motive of the Whole 30 diet is to give your body a chance to heal from the foods that have been proven to cause inflammation and other digestive-related health issues. It’s more about changing your eating habits rather than going on restrictive fad diets. MH got in touch with dietitian Nidhi Sawhney from NUTRIadvice to give us the right diet for Whole30 program.

What One Can Eat On The Whole30 Diet

The general guidelines are no dairy, grains, legumes, soy, alcohol, sugar or any processed foods.

1. Breakfast:

3 egg omelette with baby spinach and other vegetables

  • Mixed green vegetables with bacon.

  • Oatmeal with dry fruits.

  • Easy breakfast salad with vegetables and fruits.




    2. Lunch

    • Mashed potatoes, cauliflower and fried eggs.

    • Grilled veggies.

    • Large salad bar, which allows you to break up the monotony of the chicken and veggies.




    3. Snacks

    • Fruit salads with different variety of fruits.

    • Nuts.

    • Celery with almond butter.




    4. Dinner

    • Tilapia, salmon.

    • Chicken with roasted or steamed vegetables.




    “The diet mentioned above will help you with weight loss as it contains low glycemic index. Make sure to have foods with proper proteins and nutrients after this diet because it may cause a deficiency of some macronutrients like vitamins and minerals,” says Sawhney.

    We know it takes huge perseverance and consistency to get efficient results for your body. But no one said losing weight was going to be easy! Ultimately, only you can decide if the Whole30 Program is for you. Try giving it a shot but don’t force yourself in dieting for long-term goals, just go step by step.

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