Why Men Are Obsessed With Breasts – Decoded!

Balls of fat or blessing to mankind?
Why Men Are Obsessed With Breasts – Decoded!

Scientists have never satisfactorily explained men's curious breast fixation but theorists and psychologists time and again shed light on their piece of minds to help find an answer to this burning question. 

Let’s take a walk down the mammary history where research suggests that sexual interest in breasts is a result of the breastfeeding circuitry. Larry Young – one of the world's leading social neuroscientists and co-author of The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction, explained the reasons as to why. While this might just sound gross to some, there’s actual science to prove it. When a woman's nipples are stimulated during breastfeeding, the neurochemical oxytocin, floods her brain, helping to focus her attention and affection on her baby. However, this circuitry isn't reserved exclusively for their offspring.

Why Men Are Obsessed With Breasts – Decoded!

Researchers at UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles found in a survey of 52,227 heterosexual adults, ageing from 18 to 65, responding to an online survey about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their partner’s breasts. 56 percent of men said they were "satisfied with their partners' breasts." Another study suggested that staring at breasts increases life expectancy of men by four to six years. Let’s take a look of what our readers have to say: 

Who doesn’t love breasts! Men and women both love breasts but men a little more as to us it is the most feminine feature in a woman’s body. We just can’t keep our eyes off them, like how a monkey behaves when he sees a banana. It’s something that’s in our primal nature, when attracted we just want to tear the packaging and play with them (Of course, with consent). I personally like them because of how soft they are, soft yet so firm that they form this perfect majestic curve of a woman.

Ankit, 28

Mankind's fascination with breasts goes all the way back to its creation. We are the only species of mammals where the female breasts remain permanently swollen! Speaking from a guy's perspective, breasts enhance the sensual beauty of a woman. We men have a tendency to be erotically aroused by curves, and breasts on women are the perfect representation of the same. 

Sumit, 23

You may call them a storage bag for fats and I know how boobs can be a tiresome burden for women to carry, but you can't deny how joyful it is to put your hands on a pair. Men like a fondle, women get aroused and I guess even children like them. So... What's not to love about breasts? I don't have a preference per se, but I do like my women generously endowed. What I particularly love about them is how they jiggle during sex, up-and-down, rocking faster than a wooden toy-horse, thus making woman-on-top one of my favourite positions. Things to grab up north and even down south, perfect vantage.

Rohan, 25

Personally I am an ass man but a great rack is also really important in terms of a woman’s physical beauty. Don’t know about others, but I like to leave things to the imagination and the cleavage does just that, give a little teaser without revealing the plot. Then there are so many innovative things one can do with them if one is freaky in the bedroom. Overall, at the cost of sounding like an absolute perv, breasts are great. After all they’re called fun bags for a reason!

Name Withheld, 23

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