Why You Should Ditch The Treadmill And Run Outside

Research reveals that you’re much better of ditching the treadmill and heading outside for a run!

The treadmill is a vital part of most peoples’ workout routine. It’s used as a warm up tool as well as a fat burner post-workout. In fact, it’s possible to get a full-body workout on the treadmill! However, if you’re focused on burning fat while building stronger legs, it might not be your best option. According to scientists, running outside is the better choice.

The science-backed benefits of running outside rather than on a treadmill are two-fold — it boosts your physical as well as mental health. Let’s find out how:

Better Fat Burning

According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences conducted by scientists from the Chelsea School Research Centre at the University of Brighton, Eastbourne, UK, your body uses more energy when you run outside as compared to inside on the treadmill. The researchers compared oxygen consumption in nine trained male runners after they completed a series of runs on the treadmill set at different speeds and slope gradients, as well as outdoors on a flat surface.

They found that running on the treadmill set at a 1 per cent incline at a velocity between 2.92 and 5 m/s used up the same energy as running outside on a flat road at the same pace. The percentage of extra energy expended outside goes up even higher once you factor in wind resistance, something that’s lacking in the treadmill, which is an indoor apparatus.

More Energy Reserves

Research from the University of Exeter in the UK reveals that people prefer running outdoors because they enjoy a significant energy boost and a drop in stress and anger. Their study, published in Environmental Science and Technology in 2011, examined results from 11 trials conducted to find the effect of participation in physical activity in natural environments compared with physical activity indoors.

Not only did the research reveal that the majority of the participants felt revitalised after their participation in the outdoor activity, they were also more likely to adhere to an outdoor-based fitness regime!

So the next time you feel like a run, don’t head for the treadmill — instead, enjoy the great outdoors! It’ll boost your brain power and also keep your body free from disease. If you’re serious about taking up running, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

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