Why You Should Take Up Boxing To Get In Shape

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Why are top athletes and actors all over the world taking up boxing to take their fitness to the next level? You name it, from actor Mark Wahlberg to Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid, everyone can be seen wearing a pair of gloves to get into shape. What is it about a boxing workout that makes it the rage it is?



1. Keeps Boredom At Bay

Are you bored of running on a treadmill for hours every day? Here’s something that will refresh you. Boxing is a kickass workout which works each and every muscle group in your body and keeps you on your toes (literally). An intense boxing session will ensure you don’t get bored and will leave you breathless, wanting for more.

2. Provides A Full Body Workout

Contrary to popular belief you don’t throw a punch with your arms alone. In fact, your entire body starting from your feet to your shoulders are used while hitting a perfect punch with proper technique. Hence, making it a full body workout. Boxing with the right technique will help you build the core that you always desired, while also working your full body.

3. You Can Burn Up To 1000 Calories In a Single Session 

No matter how many crunches and sit-ups you do each day, in order to sculpt the perfect core you need to have a low body fat percentage and that is exactly where boxing comes in. Boxing workouts can help you burn up to 1000 calories in a single session, which is exactly the type of workout you need to take your body fat percentage down.

4. It’s A Form Of High Intensity Interval Training 

Boxing workouts are a form of high intensity interval training which help you build and retain muscle due to the explosive and powerful nature of the movements involved. A high-intensity workout like boxing will help you lose body fat and at the same time retain muscle. Whereas a low-intensity steady state cardio (like distance running) which might lead to loss in muscle mass and strength.

5. Improves Coordination And Relieves Stress 

Besides the obvious benefits of boxing as mentioned above, boxing is also a great stress reliever and helps you focus better while improving your day to day performance. Keeping stress under control along with getting the right nutrition is the key to maintaining your fitness in the long run and maintaining low body fat levels.

Now that we are aware of how boxing helps keep us in shape, it’s time to include this in our daily workout regime! Here’s a 3-minute boxing warm up as well as a boxing drill for six-pack abs.

About the author: Rahul Kaul is the founder and boxing and strength instructor at BoxFit. He has trained in boxing in south America and is a crossfit level 1 and crossfit gymnastic level 1 instructor.

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