Workout Like Varun Dhawan With His Monster Six-Day Routine!

Hustle for that muscle
Varun Dhawan

They say train insane or remain the same. Interestingly, our popular Bollywood celebrities seem to be abiding by these very rules, and are seen flaunting bodies that are an inspiration to others.

While most popular fitness coaches, responsible for getting these celebrities in shape, refrain from doling out details about their workout, Prashant Sawant likes to walk off the beaten path. In a candid interaction with MH, the celebrity fitness mogul spilled the beans on the monster workout routine he planseach day for actor Varun Dhawan. He says that his team treats the 30-year-old star like family, which is why sometimes he is even allowed to munch on some pizza right after finishing his regular drill session!

The routines involve hard-core exercises for which one needs to maintain a complementary diet that is high on protein and low on carbs. The intention is to hit individual muscles from multiple angles in an effort to bulk up. So without further ado, we give you the insane workout regime of Varun Dhawan:


Day 1: Back And Bicep


  • Super-set


Wide grip pull-ups: till failure

One arm pulldowns: 15 reps


5 sets


  • Superset


Close grip pulldowns: 15 reps

Bent over row: 15 reps


5 sets


  • Superset


 V-bar pulldowns: 20 reps

 Seated rows: 20 reps


5 sets


  • Superset


Barbell curls touch your chin: 20, 15, 10, 10, 10

Alternate standing dumbbell curls:20, 15, 10, 10, 10


5 sets


  • Tri-set


Incline dumbbell curls with a 5-count twist: 8 reps with5 count twist followed by  4 reps

Machine preacher curls: 30 reps

Wrist curls: 20 reps


5 sets




I'm back. Free hand exercises help you get the best workouts

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 Day 2: Cardio And Abs


  • Treadmill Sprints


Sprint: 15 seconds (as fast as possible)

Rest: 15 seconds (jump off BE careful!)

Alternate for 15-20 minutes total

Step-mill: 20 minutes (medium to fast pace)


  • Abs/Lower back


  • Tri-set


Weighted crunches: 30 reps

Toes to bar: 10 reps

Band good mornings: 20 reps


5 sets


  • Tri-set


Bicycle crunches: 100 reps

Ab wheel: 15-20 reps

Reverse Hypers on the ball: 15 reps


4 sets


Pull-ups: till failure

Bench dips: till failure

Jump squats: till failure

Jump alternate lunges: till failure

Rest 1-2 minutes


5 sets


Day 3: Chest And Shoulders


  • Incline barbell bench press: 20 reps


3 sets


Flat barbell bench press: 15, 6 reps

Chest fly: 12 reps

Machine chest fly: 12 reps

Dips: 15 reps

Dumbbell pullovers: 12 reps


5 sets


  • Tri-set

Military press barbell: 15 reps

Full lateral raises: 15 reps

One-arm lying side laterals: 15 reps


5 sets


  • Superset

Rear delt flys: 15 reps

Band face pulls: 20 reps

4 sets



Balance work ?

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Day 4: Leg Day

  • Tri-set

 Squats: 20rep

Leg Extensions: 20 reps

Leg Curls: 20 reps

4 to 5 sets


  • Tri-set

Alternate lunges: 15 reps

Walking Lunges bodyweight: cover about 200 ft

Hamstring curls on the ball: 20 reps

4 to 5 sets


  • Tri-set

Leg press wide: 20 reps

Leg press close: 20 reps

Sissy squats: 15 reps

4 to 5 sets


  • Superset

Reverse hypers: 15 reps

Band good mornings: 20 reps

4 sets



Nothing is impossible

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Day 5: Bodyweight

  • 1,000 Rep Bodyweight Workout

Pullups: 100 reps total

Ring push-ups: 100 reps total 

Bench dips: 100 reps total

Body squats: 100 reps total

Chin-ups: 100 reps

Plyo push-ups: 100 reps

Dips: 100 reps

Sissy squats: 100 reps

Weighted crunches: 100 reps

Ab wheel: 100 reps



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Day 6: Functional

Standard squats: 50

Jumping jacks: 40

Wimped push ups: 30

Dips: 20

Burpees: 10

Alternating reverse lunges: 50

High knees: 40

Hip raises: 30

Full Sit-ups: 20

Burpees: 10

Sumo squats:  50

Butt kicks: 40

Bicycle crunches: 30

Plank leg lifts: 20

Burpees: 10

Alternating forward lunges: 50

Ski jumps: 40

Plank jacks: 30

Leg raises: 20

Burpees:  10

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