Your Cheat Sheet To Buying The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Ever walked into a store and tried on a hundred pairs of denims in the hope of finding that perfect fit? Well, you can stop now because we’re here to help!

Let’s admit it; we have all been in a sticky denim situation where an entire pile of jeans has been taken into the trial room, and not one of them has made the cut. Fit is so very important when it comes to jeans. And picking the right pair begins with identifying your body type. 

In a recent interaction with MH, Abhishek Yadav, Design Head at Spykar Lifestyle, doled out details on the secrets of buying the perfect pair of jeans without burning a hole in your pocket. Take notes to make everlasting style statements with these pieces in your wardrobe: 

Not all men are built the same. You've probably walked into a men’s clothing store before and tried on a couple pairs, just to discover that only some of them fit your body the way you would like them to fit. “This is because there is no "standard" fit when it comes to jeans,” shared Abhishek. 

Jeans For Skinny And Lean Guys

If you fall under this category, your best two options are slim fit and skinny fit jeans. “If you've got a skinny or  lean frame, you'll want to stay away from any styles that will make your proportions look bigger than they actually are. So say goodbye to relaxed and loose jeans and embrace the more flattering skinny and slim fits,” he quipped. 

Expert Tip: Slim fit and skinny jeans are silhouettes that will compliment your toned body shape the most.  Also, there is a difference in the fit and fall of a pair of super skinny jeans and skinny jeans. So make sure you have some breathing room. While choosing your pair, don’t forget to look for elastane/ stretch in the fabric content.  



Jeans For Regular Guys

Regular body type means you're in the middle of the spectrum. You don't wear skinny jeans because they hug you a little too tight and baggy jeans, on the other hand, hang loose from your waist. “Finding the right jeans for a medium build can be quite the challenge. Medium can vary because some guys who fall into this category have slightly larger thighs than others or maybe some of them have a larger waist but slimmer legs. Either way, you'll want to invest in some regular or relaxed fit jeans. You want a pair of jeans that don't suffocate your legs and yet show off a bit of muscle. You also want them to sit just right on your hips without being too baggy,” he explains. 

Expert Tip: Super skinny jeans should be out of the picture. Stick to slim fit or tapered fit jeans, regular or relaxed fit jeans. Focus on slim if you’re somewhere between a skinny and regular body type. If you've got a little bit of muscle, show it off by wearing straight leg or tapered jeans. 



Jeans For Bigger Men And Weightlifters

If this is the category you fall into, then you’re perhaps  either athletic or maybe just carry around a few extra pounds. Either way, shopping for jeans can have its challenges for those who are on the heavier side. “This group of men should ideally stick to either relaxed or straight fitting denims,” says Abhishek.

Expert Tip: Stay away from skinny jeans as they will not only be uncomfortable, but will also do nothing to highlight your body shape. Slim and regular jeans could work, under the condition that they have a lot of added stretch for comfort and mobility. If you hit the gym and consequently have big legs, it doesn't hurt to highlight your thighs and calves with a slightly slimmer fitting pair. Make sure that you still have enough breathing room though. 



“These tips are just a guideline to find the pair of jeans that could flatter your body type the most. If you're on the skinnier side and don't feel comfortable in skinny jeans, it's totally fine to buy a pair of relaxed denims. Similarly, if you're on the heavier side but feel really comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans, by all means go ahead. As long as the jeans make you feel comfortable and confident, it’s all good,” he concludes. 

Keep these tips and tricks in mind for your next shopping escapade and comment below if it came handy. Follow Men’s Health India’s’ social media handle for more such updates! 

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