The A To Z of Shaving Subscriptions And Why You Should Get Them

Yes, you read that right. All the equipment you need to give yourself a top-quality shave, delivered right to your doorstep!

It’s no secret that online subscription systems are ruling the market right now. Whether it is groceries, clothes, or movies, there’s always a way to get things delivered to your home—you don’t even need to get out of your bed! And now, with the trend of male grooming on the rise, it doesn’t come as a surprise that shaving companies have gotten in on the act as well.

Men And Shaving

Different men have different views on shaving. Some men relish the experience of giving themselves a clean shave, and some view it as a chore and hence do it quite grudgingly. Then there is another group that wears its facial hair with pride. Regardless of the category you fall into, you do need shaving supplies to keep your style game on point. 

Regardless of their views on shaving, most men don’t like making the effort to go to the pharmacy to pick up shaving supplies. That’s mainly because they are confronted by a barrage of space-age technology they seem to cram into all razors nowadays, and there’s no easy way to choose one. That’s not to mention the exorbitant prices you have to pay for them! 

Well, shaving subscription boxes are here to save the day. By selling directly online, the manufacturers cut out the middleman, taking care of your wallet as well as your face. Here’s an idea—these boxes make excellent gifts as well!

So What’s In The Box?

Simply sign up online, sit back, and relax as the highest quality shaving and beard grooming products in the market will get delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals. And it’s not just a solitary razor and some shaving cream thrown into a box—the range of beard and skin grooming products on offer will make you fall in love with shaving! In addition to your razors, blades, and creams, there are pre-shaves, balms, skin soothers, moisturisers, bar soaps, aftershaves, beard shampoos, and beard oils. Looking to stay a cut above the rest? Here are a few shaving companies for you to consider:

Spruce Shave Club

With top quality blades crafted in the US, Spruce promises the ultimate hassle-free shaving experience. Their Shave Sets contain shaving essentials that are delivered to your house every six months, starting at just INR 310! Their herbal shaving gel and post-shave balm complements their razors well, ensuring that quality is not compromised. If it’s your first time trying  a shaving subscription, this is the perfect option for you – an extensive array of economical products and tools! 

Spruce Shave Club


Bombay Shaving Company

These guys take shaving very seriously—a hurried once-over with the blade won’t suffice, they’ve created a whole regimen for you to follow. Every little thing you need for a complete shave is available here, right from a simple razor sheath that costs less than INR 100, to a complete six-part shaving system that can be yours for INR 2,995.

Stock up on your shaving supplies here.

Pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, they created the world’s first six-blade razor in collaboration with American razor manufacturers Dorco. They’ve got a worldwide presence, and guarantee a luxurious shave at an affordable price. LetsShave have trial kits starting at INR 399, with the actual box going as high as INR 799. You can re-stock your blades as well, and there are also a number of great gift boxes you could check out. These carry useful accessories like a razor stand, travel pouch, and trimmer. And we haven’t even mentioned their incredible range of facial grooming products yet!

Check them out here right away!


It’s time you gave your face and your beard the attention it deserves. And once you purchase your shaving supplies, make sure you use them right with our step-wise guide to beard grooming!

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