How Can I Use Aloe Vera To Lose Weight

It's time to incorporate aloe vera in your daily routine.

Kavita Devgan is a renowned nutritionist, weight loss management specialist and a practising dietician. She's also the author of Don't Diet! 50 Habits Of Thin People. and soon to hit the stands is her next book - The Ultimate Grandmother Hacks.  We got in touch with Kavita to answer ALL your questions about weight loss. In this video, she explains how aloe vera can be used for weight loss. Have you tried aloe vera for weight loss? Share your stories with us in the comments.

Aloe vera has a lot of health benefits, but to get all those benefits we need to make sure that we stick to the natural aloe vera.

"Aloe vera detoxifies our system and helps you stay slimmer. It is also a natural laxative and boosts metabolism which in turns help burn calories. Most importantly, it helps to get rid of the extra water from the body. It's a good idea to include a little bit, don't have have too much. Because, too much of a good thing is a bad thing." -  Kavita Devgan 



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