The Role Of Vitamin Supplements In The Weight Loss Journey

The expert tells MH whether vitamin supplements help in losing weight or not.

Kavita Devgan is a renowned nutritionist, weight loss management specialist and a practising dietician. She's also the author of Don't Diet! 50 Habits Of Thin People. and soon to hit the stands is her next book - The Ultimate Grandmother Hacks.  We got in touch with Kavita to answer ALL your questions about weight loss. In this video, she talks about vitamin supplements and what role they play in the weight loss journey.

Let me rephrase it for you, I am not a huge fan of supplements, you know, unless it is absolutely necessary, unless it is a vitamin which is difficult to get through your diet, like vitamin D or something. Then I understand supplementation, maybe even B12 I understand because most of us are vegetarians so it is difficult to get B12. But the fact is, I would much rather you focus on vitamins. And to answer your question, yes there is a direct connect between vitamin deficiencies and weight gain and weight loss.

I'll explain with an example, for example you are iron deficient, you know, no one would connect it to weight but there is a direct connect. It could lead to anemia, it could lead to you being feeling fatigued, tired all the time, you know restrict your mobility, it could restrict your exercising capabilities and that could lead to weight gain, so that's a direct connect there. Another example in your vitamin B's. Now all the vitamin B's are needed for fat metabolism in the body, if you have a deficiency, your body doesn't metabolise fat that well, so that is the connect. So supplements might not be that important. Ya, because you need to get it from food I feel that is the better way to get it.

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