Sarah Todd X The Wine Company: Barbeque Chicken With Corn Puree

Masterchef Sarah Todd gets candid about her love for the barbeque!

The Wine Company celebrates their 4th anniversary with a specially curated menu by Masterchef Sarah Todd.  One of the most popular (and healthy) items on their menu is 'Barbeque Chicken with Corn Puree'. Watch the full video to find out what goes into making it!

"I’m an Aussie so, clearly I’m a fan of the barbeque and there has to be an item on the menu. This is my barbeque chicken served with a corn puree. It’s a very simple marinade but it’s got so much flavor.

Basically, it’s soy, maline and a little bit of ginger. So, you get this beautiful kind of caramelized flavor once it’s put on the charcoal grill.

Little bit of smokiness and it’s a perfect pair with the corn puree because it gives you this little bit of sweetness without adding any sugar!

Little pops of pomegranate for bit of texture, some toasted sesames and yeah some spring onions for little bit of freshness. Super tasty!" 

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