Sarah Todd X The Wine Company: Quinoa Biryani

Masterchef Sarah Todd tells MH about the healthy experiment with Biryani!

The Wine Company celebrates their 4th anniversary with a specially curated menu by Masterchef Sarah Todd. 'Quinoa Biryani' is among the few healthy dishes she prepared for the wine bar. Watch the full video to find out what Quinoa Biryani is and what goes into making it!

"Now we all know quinoa is a super food. It’s high in protein, very good for you, but don’t you agree it’s a little bit boring? It doesn’t have that much flavor. So, I wanted to do something very exciting with it. I’ve taken a little bit of India and I’ve created a Quinoa Biryani! 

So it’s very different to the authentic biryani but one thing they have in common is that it’s super tasty and you know with the added hit of protein it’s very healthy as well. So we’ve started off with a very beautiful Biryani kind of marinade. And we’ve sautéed that with some edamame, little bit of asparagus, we’ve got pops of pomegranate as well for a little bit of crunch and texture and we’re serving it with an avocado raita. 

You know it gives that little bit of fresh element. And if you want that little bit of crisp as well, we’ve got some karari roti as well!

So, it’s a perfect snack, high in protein and super delicious and super healthy!"

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