Why Some Foods Are Traditionally Paired Together

They're together for a reason!

1.    Peanut Butter And Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is rich in fibre and carbs

Peanut butter is packed with vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, proteins and b-vitamins

This combination is a convenient breakfast and pre-workout food 

The fats present in butter reduce the insulin peaking capacity of the sandwich

Together they’re the right culmination of taste and texture!  

2.    Yoghurt and Honey 

Yoghurt and honey is a popular post-workout food

Yoghurt brings in the power of protein to repair your muscles

Honey spikes your insulin enough to usher the protein into your muscles

Honey is known for its digestive properties 

While yoghurt maintains the healthy ratio of bacteria in your gut

This combination is a healthy alternative to dessert after a meal! 

3.    Dal And Rice

The good old dal chawal packs a bunch of nutritional benefits!

Plant based-foods stand incomplete because of their lack in essential amino acids 

That’s why they’re paired together to ensure completeness of proteins 

Dal and rice compensate each other's amino acid profile and represent a complete form of protein

Dal and rice are hence a perfect combination of taste, tradition and nutrition!

4.    Fruits And Nuts

Fruits and nuts are an easy, healthy ‘middle of the day’ snack

Fruits are rich in fiber, antioxidants and contain lots of water

While nuts supply the well in demand goodness of unsaturated fats and fatty acids

Together this combination beats hunger and supplies micronutrient benefits 

If consumed in moderate amounts, it keeps your calorie consumption for the day down!

5.    Idli And Sambhar 

Just like dal and rice, idli and sambhar come together with a purpose 

Tamarind, dal and veggies soaks the idli to perfection and enriches its protein profile

They also compensate each other’s amino acid profile

The combination is now nutritionally accepted for its protein contribution

This partnership is here to stay!

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